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The Spirit of Trees (木の精神)

I am always on the lookout for a great tree photo. Sometimes many trees together form a great composition and sometimes a unique solitary tree is the focus. Trees have an individuality to them that brings them into the realm of portraiture, not just landscape photography or nature photography.
In this section I have only selected trees that have grown on their own and kept pruned and sculpted trees in the garden section, mostly in the Japanese Garden portfolio.

The Buffalo and Western New York area provides a setting of woodland photography as well as gorges and waterfalls.

Japan on the other hand is a vastly different landscape. Even within Japan the climate and area varies dramatically. along the coasts there are many displays of living "bonsai" trees sculpted by the pounding winds and salt. There are also numerous mountain ranges which I have explored in detail in the Nara/Wakayama area, Fukui etc.

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