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What is the Flow State?

An optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best. It’s those moments of undivided attention and total absorption, where your mind, body, and spirit are focused on the present.  Action and awareness merge and you develop a calm awareness of your surroundings. 

Flow is meditation in action

What is the Shakuhachi?

The Japanese shakuhachi is an end-blown flute made from madake bamboo. At its core it is both a spiritual tool and a creative/artistic outlet for expression. The shakuhachi represents the connection between human creativity, nature, and Japanese aesthetics.


The shakuhachi is moving meditation.

Digital Music Downloads

These shakuhachi albums are meant to take you on a journey and let your imagination run wild. I have 2 solo albums and 2 "Kurofune" albums. On the Kurofune albums you can experience the shakuhachi duo as well as electro-acoustic and piano backgrounds.

Solo Albums

Shakuhachi Duo - Kurofune


The shakuhachi duo "Kurofune" was formed in 2008 in Nara when Josh, from Buffalo, NY, and Hide, from Osaka met through their devoted practice and research of "jinashi" shakuhachi and its roots. Interestingly, both Josh and Hide are shakuhachi researchers with PhDs, lovers of traditional honkyoku pieces, and both perform and compose original pieces.


In this modern world traditional instruments are not usually able to be the center of attention.

Our sounds here to show you how traditional and modern sounds can blend well together. We aim to show you how the simple sounds of the bamboo can touch your heart. This simplicity in sound is rooted deeply in Japanese culture and nature, and it is something that everyone can feel and appreciate. The albums range in solo traditional and new pieces, as well as shakuhachi duets with some blends of electro-acoustic music and piano here and there.

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