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Lifestyle with 
Nature, Flow, & Purpose 

Guiding you in Japanese concepts of personal growth and a balanced-life  

What is Shizen Style?


ShizenStyle is a guide to designing your own lifestyle of  bringing nature, creativity, and flow into your modern life.


Photography, Japanese garden design, Shakuhachi bamboo flute playing, etc. can all be forms of self-expression.

I explore various Japanese aesthetics and concepts like Wabi-sabi, Ikigai, Yugen, and Shizen and how they help balance a natural lifestyle in our busy modern world.

Shizen (自然) is the Japanese aesthetic concept of “nature,” “naturalness” and the "spontaneous," There is a creative design and purpose behind Shizen. It is not raw nature, or wilderness, but... 


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Limited-Time Early Bird Pricing 

The All-Access Pass gives you the resources & community to lead a lifestyle with creativity, flow, nature, and purpose 

I infuse Japanese culture, wisdom, and aesthetics into the various courses and resources you have with the All-Access Pass, helping you develop your own Shizen Style 

How Ikigai (Life Purpose) & Flow Changes Our Lives

Heightened creativity

Harvard found subjects to have THREE DAYS of heightened creativity after the flow state. Carry the creativity afterglow into your personal life, garden design, artistic pursuits, photography etc.

Increases productivity

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McKinsey found a 500% increase in productivity by executives who regularly access flow states.

Increases creative problem solving

We are more open to 'Aha' experiences. Ikigai allows us to be open to new and overlooked pathways. 

The University of Sydney found flow state subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving!

Improves attention & concentration

Flow triggers like 'Rich Environments' and 'Awe' improve focus and attention.

Ikigai guides us in taking small steps with clarity.

Outdoor photography particularly benefits from Nature-related flow triggers. 



My name is Joshua Smith, PhD. and I am a photographer, shakuhachi player, and small business owner. My goal is to inspire others in their search for their own Shizen lifestyle - that's a modern life filled with creativity, flow, and nature.

I received my Master's and Doctoral degree in Cultural Sociology (Japanese Studies) from

Osaka University, in Japan.


Having lived, worked and studied in Japan for many years, this is the inspiration I draw upon for this melding of styles.

My studies in flow state science and Japanese aesthetics and concepts like Wabi-sabi & Ikigai, inform the way I help guide others in growing their photography, Japanese garden design, and overall wellbeing with a balanced lifestyle of nature and flow.

My wife Satomi is the head chef at our Japanese restaurants and has a deep understanding of nutrition and Japanese culinary traditions. My daughter Miana is also a budding photographer and part of the team. My son Kazu is currently finding his flow in playing the electric bass. My family and I split our time between Buffalo, NY and Japan.

What is the Flow State?


An optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best. It’s those moments of undivided attention and total absorption, where your mind, body, and spirit are focused on the present.  Action and awareness merge and you develop a calm awareness of your surroundings. 

Flow is meditation in action

The Shizen Style Flow Course and the Photographic Flow Roadmap help you develop a flow-prone environment where you can access this flow state on demand and boost your creativity and life satisfaction. 

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