What is Shizen Style?


ShizenStyle is a guide to designing your own lifestyle of  bringing nature into your modern life. Photography, garden design, and home décor can all be forms of self-expression.

ShizenStyle is a concept that stems from balancing a natural lifestyle in our busy modern world.

Shizen (自然) is the Japanese aesthetic concept of “nature,” “naturalness” and the "spontaneous," There is a creative design and purpose behind Shizen. It is not raw nature, or wilderness, but a style with artistic intent flowing with nature. 



My name is Joshua Minier and I am a Sony Alpha hybrid photographer and filmmaker striving to cultivate creativity and blend nature into our modern lives.

I received my Master's and Doctoral degree in Cultural Sociology (Japanese Studies) from

Osaka University, in Japan.


Having lived, worked and studied in Japan for many years and now living back in North America, this is the inspiration I draw upon for this melding of styles.

I aim to appreciate both nature and human creativity in my photography and videos, Japanese garden design, and home interior.

My goal is to inspire others in their search for their own Shizen lifestyle.