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The 10 Best Autumn Leaf-viewing Spots in Fukui

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Part of the ShizenStyle is appreciating the beauty of Fall and all of the scenic changes it brings with it. Large windows with views of maple trees or golden fields does it for those with homes or apartments with a view. Similarly you can bring elements of the season into your place as well if you are in a tight city setting, but even better is to sometimes plan a getaway trip. Fukui, Japan is just north of Kyoto and a little off the beaten path, which makes it one of the best kept secrets.

Koyo, or Part colorful autumn leaves, are something that are very much appreciated in Japan. The fall leaves, often referring to smaller delicate maple leaves, or momiji, are something that are on par with cherry blossom viewing in springtime. Also similarly, they can often be viewed at nighttime when certain areas around temples, shrines, Japanese gardens, and parks light them up. The bright array of colors with a black background of nightfall is something you have to see for yourself. Popular from September to November, the following are the 10 best autumn leaf-viewing spots in Fukui.


Visiting the “temple of eternal peace” is something not to be missed any time of year. Fall also has some beautiful leaves that bring out a unique look to the place that will allow you to see it in a new light. Address: 5-15 Shihi, Eiheiji, Yoshida District, Fukui Prefecture 910-1228, Japan

Kuzuryu Lake (Nine Headed Dragon Lake)The last weekend of October there is a Momiji Festival of flower viewing.

Karikome Pond This is quite a difficult spot to get to but definitely worth the journey. Ther eis also a surrounding hiking trail but you get this superb view of Mt. Hakusan in the background. It’s really a one of the best kept secret fall leaf-viewing spots. Kamiuchinami, Ono, Fukui Prefecture 912-0151, Japan

Nishiyama ParkNishiyama Park is famous for it’s azaleas in spring and also it’s Momiji Festival in mid-November. You can enjoy the mountain/hill side autumn leaves but there is also a Japanese garden with a pond on top that shouldn’t be missed.Address: 916-0027 3, Sakuramachi, Sabae-shi, Fukui. TEL 0778-51-1001

Manyo Village (Ajimano-en)–You can stroll through this free park and enjoy the Japanese garden setting. There is a small museum and the area is related to the Man’yoshu, a famous Japanese poetry collection. Address:〒915-0031 55-1, Yokawacho, Echizen-shi, Fukui

Echizen Pottery VillageEchizen Pottery Village (Echizen Tougei Mura) is in a large park-like setting that has a variety of maple trees planted throughout the area. It’s a great place to have picnic in the daytime and relax in the park.Address: 50-80-1 Enami, Echizen-cho(town), Nyu-gun(county), Fukui-ken(prefecture), 916-0255, Japan

Japanese Gardens

Ichijo-dani Asakura Clan Castle Remains The famous shot to get is around the large tree above the Japanese garden remains. It’s a little rough to see the outline of the garden, but the town was burned down in 1573 by Oda Nobunaga, so give them some credit for keeping anything that long.

Museum Address: 4-10 Abaka,Fukui-city,Fukui 910-2152 Tel :0776-41-2301 Fax :0776-41-2494

Mantoku-ji(Obama City)There is a beautiful Kare-san-sui rock garden with a beautiful atum scene that is not to be missed. Address: 74-23 Kanaya, Obama, Fukui Prefecture 917-0242, Japan

Yokokan Japanese GardenThis nationally recognized Japanese garden was home to the Matsudaera clan. You can stroll around the pond and sit and relax in the open aired elegant house on the edge of the pond. A truly must see place to sit and view the autumn leaves. Address: 3 Chome-11 Hoei, Fukui, Fukui Prefecture 910-0004, Japan

Saifuku-jiThis great shoin garden is hillside and has some greta Japanese garden views that really come alive in fall. The colors start to change in mid-October. Light-up and peak colors are mid-November.Address: Jodoshutsuruga Saifuku Temple13-7 Hara, Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture 914-0824 In springtime here are some other great spots to visit in Fukui when searching for the best Cherry Blossom Viewing Places.

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