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Back to Basics in Modern Rustic Lighting Ideas

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We just love the cool balance of modern rustic blends. It combines relaxed rustic charm with modern clean sleekness. ShizenStyle loves to focus on textures when thinking of what kind of materials to use in your home décor, and this extends to modern rustic lighting ideas as well.

Raw materials like wood and steel are great characteristics of this design style, but you have to blend that with either a few bright colors or solid clean walls and colors. A log cabin look can be nice a cozy but the knotty pine covering every wall floor to ceiling is a bit too much.

The right lighting is also necessary to highlight certain areas and bring in a lightness to the room that will also make the space seem larger. With so many lighting options out there it can easily become overwhelming as to even where to begin to start. So we have compiled a guide of back to basics in modern rustic lighting ideas.

· Chandelier lighting can tend to be over the top sometimes so it’s difficult to find that nice blend of restrained yet elegant. The luxury farmhouse pendant has elements of an urban industrial style with a galvanized steel finish, but this still keeps the rustic feel.

· The hanging pendant lighting chandeliers are another option for lighting a kitchen table, for example. These adjustable pendant lights have wood frames and wire mesh, giving it a blend of rustic style with the steel as well. This style isn’t as luxurious as the previous one, however this may be right style for you if you’re looking for something more on the rustic and highlighting a more raw material.

· Another way of getting back to basics in modern rustic lighting ideas is to look to the classic pendant lighting. This industrial ironworks retro linear island pendant has both a rustic and clean look to it, but it also leans towards a vintage or retro look. Too many hanging light bulbs is a bit distracting or overdone nowadays, but limiting it to a few light bulbs with a black or dark or brushed metal can add a very different feeling to a kitchen or other small area. See how well it fits into the following modern rustic kitchen.

· A slightly different style of lighting would be more of a floor lamp style. This particular floor lamp is more of a modern Asian style with softer diffused lighting. The column floor lamp may seem a bit more on the elegant side but it’s the fabric material that softens the feeling and allows it to play in both the modern and contemporary style as well as a rustic, retro or industrial type of décor. It is not a direct bold lighting but something that provides a warm cozy feeling which is more relaxing and comfortable to the home. If you’re sitting near it you could read a book to the amount of light given off, however in general it acts as more of something that creates the atmosphere.

Given all of the lighting options that are available today this should provide you a starting point in your search for a rustic contemporary look. In this guide to Back to Basics in Modern Rustic Lighting Ideas there is a variety of price points featured.

We recommended quality products that will last you a long time and still provide you with fresh look. Check out some of other tips for interior decorating in a rustic modern style at ShizenStyle.

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