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Japanese Garden

Lead a lifestyle with nature, creativity, flow, and purpose

A step-by-step roadmap to flow, infusing Japanese aesthetics and wisdom into various resources and courses and a motivating community to support you along the way

Why Join the Shizen Style Community?

This is a place to learn, grow, and share. You can share your opinions and artistic projects, like your home Japanese garden ideas or the latest photography, and get helpful feedback from me and other like-minded people in the membership.  

This is a membership community for those wishing to lead a lifestyle with nature, creativity, flow, and purpose.


With topics and programs around boosting your creativity in photography, Japanese garden design, Japanese culture, etc., the overall goal is to build and sustain a creative high-flow lifestyle with Ikigai (life purpose).

The growing library of video courses and other resources provides the backbone of learning, but it's the monthly online get-togethers and connections with others in the community that provide the accountability and grit needed to continue.

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All-Access Pass

to a Wide Range of Video Courses & Resources

Support From an Online Community of Like-minded Flow Seakers

Unique and Simple  Flow Roadmap

Available at a Click of a Button

Inside the Shizen Style Membership Library

This is our on-demand class library, with video courses, e-books, bootcamps, and other educational resources. Choose from a variety of topics from unlocking your photography potential to understanding Japanese aesthetics and designing your Japanese garden.

All-Access Pass includes:

Let's Get Ready To Get...

Laser-like clarity

about where you're going in life through exploring Ikigai (Life Purpose), and exactly how to get there


so that your unique perspective can take you to new levels

On-Demand Access To
Flow States

so you can stay in that hyper-focused zone and say goodbye to the distractions

calm awareness

so that you can be fully present in your artistic pursuits, work, as well as with your family and those who matter to you

Joining the Shizen Style Community gives you access to:

  • Shizen Style Flow Roadmap (online course)

  • Our growing library of on-demand courses

  • Private community platform accessible through your desktop computer or our App

  • Monthly Photography Theme

  • Monthly Flow Challenge

  • A safe place to share your photographic images, artistic projects, Japanese garden designs or home gardens...and get feedback

  •  Connect with likeminded flow-seekers and Japan enthusiasts throughout the world

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  • 1) Fundamentals of Flow and Mindset
    What is Flow and Why is it important? Zanshin Mindset [Boundless Belief + Internal Locus of Control + Growth Mindset] + Eastern Wisdom
  • 2) Flow Triggers for a High Flow Lifestyle
    The 22 Flow Triggers A Toolbox of Flow Triggers Flow Triggers – Internal Flow Triggers External Flow Triggers Group Flow Triggers
  • 3) The Flow Cycles
    Your Flowy Neurochemical Cocktail Flow Science
  • 4) Unloading for Flow
    Reframing Productivity Examining Our Relationship with Time Decluttering Simplifying Friction
  • 6) Reset for Flow
    Photography Athlete Light Switch Burnout Active Recovery Sleep
  • 5) Kokoro Flow [mind+body+spirit]
    The Science of Happiness and Well-being Exercise Mindfulness Gratitude
  • 6) Clear Path to Flow
    The Purpose Formulas – The Passion Recipe and Ikigai Clear (Flow Infused) Goals

Get Access to All of Our Resources and the Engaged Community

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